ItalWax – After Sugaring Citrus, fruit water

Cosmetic gentle water and moisturizes the skin immediately and eliminates irritation after depilation with a refreshing and invigorating effect.

Fruit water from citrus extracts and is rich in essential oils. The aroma of citrus has a positive effect on the body, creates a cheerful mood and embodies positivity.

The fruit water “”Citrus”” gives freshness and liveliness.

Application: After sugaring, apply the amniotic fluid to the skin, remove the remains of the sugar paste and dab the skin with a paper tissue.

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250 ml


Oil Lotion




Fresh citrus


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Product information

The Italian company Filo Bianco Srl specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality products for bioepilation. They produce their articles for hair removal under the name Italwax. All waxes produced by Filo Bianco Srl offer high adhesive strength, ensuring effective and safe hair removal. The waxes are divided into different classes and labeled to prevent cosmetic beginners from making mistakes.